Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The dangers of money in politics.

Currently in the United States corporations are considered to have the same rights as individuals. This allows them to fund campaigns, lobby for change and influence legislation to the point of dictating it. The problem with this model is that it goes against the very nature of a democracy. 

Back in 1963, the Milgram Experiment was conducted. Its findings showed that it's human nature for the majority to defer to authority even though what they are doing could be detrimental to an individual. The results were even replicated recently with similar conclusions. So why am I mentioning this? Accountability. There have been several incidents already that show corporations acting against public interests for financial gain. And the majority of people employed by them went along with it. Mostly because they like being employed but also because it's human nature. The difference is that when an individual commits a crime, they are accountable for it. They get a criminal record and as a result their quality of life suffers because of it. Corporations however have no such criminal record other than what's recorded in media. If it's considered a person shouldn't someone be able to arrest them? How exactly to you handcuff a corporation and throw it in jail? The answer as it stands, for the moment, is that you don't.

If you look at a corporation, its operation does not rely on democratic means. It's a totalitarian state which is governed by one or a handful of individuals. As a result those in charge can dictate terms regarding campaign contributions such as influencing legislation. They can also ensure that elections are won by favored candidates as a result. So why is it that an entity so void of the democratic process is allowed to shape the political landscape? Bribes are being called investment ventures and the results is a government that is by the corporations for the corporations. Or by an elite few for the elite few. Money wins elections. That fact, along with the lack of accountability, lack of morality and selfish nature should give you pause. And look towards avenues in order to change the status quo and reinstate the democratic process which, for the moment, is veritably non-existent.

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