Saturday, January 10, 2015

Growing out of your imaginary friend

I've already gone into detail with the recent events as to the dangers of having beliefs that are structured around scripture that was written by people who's society had some very different and morally questionable ideals and values. Today, I plan on explaining why so many of us decide to continue to have an imaginary friend well into adulthood. Considering the tasks at hand in the upcoming century, it's paramount that we evolve into a society that will be ready to face these matters together. After studying debates with various religious intellectuals, a very distinct pattern emerged.

One of the reasons people are prone to believing there's some force behind their lives and the lives of others has to do with consciousness and their ego. Let's take a look at consciousness first and foremost. The argument for a deity(ies) is that we have some sort of soul locked inside our bodies, and because we appear to have such a complex state where we can think, feel and be self aware, that this somehow proves the existence of a maker. There's a problem with this line of thought though. Although science is still in the early stages of understanding the human mind, there are some facts that would dismiss consciousness as something ethereal. For one, there are several examples supporting the fact that we are no more than the sum of our brains. If damaged, we can suffer personality changes. Some even have their entire foundation of reality turned on its head. A good example of this is psychopathy. 1% of the entire world is physically unable to process emotional information like other people. People can have strokes, have underdeveloped brains and their entire sense of reality is shaped specifically due to these factors. Considering the physical realm is what dictates who we are, to suggest otherwise is obtuse and absurd.

Evidence such as this is dismissed though and that's due to the nature of the human ego. The sense of self. It's an underlying feeling that we are somehow extraordinary, unique, special and have been granted some sort of connection. But if you have a stroke one day, depending on the region of the brain that's affected, that feeling will quickly fade, I assure you. Who you are is entirely dependent on genetics, epigenetics and environment. Who we are is malleable. Think of yourself not as one person, but several, depending on the time, influences and the environment that cause you to transition to another. A good analogy would be like a Time Lord from the Doctor Who series. Whenever the Doctor is fatally injured, he regenerates and becomes a new Doctor with all the memories of the previous one however is very different. This, all of this, is influenced by the physical realm and science is on the path to explaining it. The evidence we've accumulated so far however shows no sign of divine intervention whatsoever. So no, you're not special. You might be exceptional and fortunate that your life didn't experience the disabilities or catastrophes that I mentioned. Also keep in mind that since the Earth was around, there have been 5 mass extinction events. That's a rather odd thing to have happen if there is a creator, no mention of it in scripture and the possibility of it happening again. You'd think within what's supposed to be an absolute list of things your imaginary friend would want you to know is that you could very well die from similar events considering you're so damn important. But nah, false idols! Now there's something important that you shouldn't do and need to be aware of!

Another point of context is that without religion, there is no morals. Well considering I've already gave examples regarding the kind of abhorrent moral structure actually found in the scripture revolving around people's faith, I think it's safe to say that this position is indefensible. That is if you're rational. I mean, hate homosexuals, keep slaves, kill non believers, treat women like shit, these aren't really great talking points if you're looking to take the moral high ground. But you don't believe in that anymore? Well it's in your stupid book that's supposed to be infallible, holy and your moral landscape. Making the jump to your imaginary friend instead of realizing that it was a period piece made up by men of that time, is unjustifiable. People treat others with kindness because of evolution. If we were to kill each other indiscriminately, we wouldn't have survived the 100-200 thousand years it took us to get here. Perhaps if so many people who would otherwise be praying to their imaginary friend, actually realized they were talking to themselves, and did something to influence the matter they're praying for, we'd be better off. It's a matter of self preservation and the fact that it's more beneficial to  help than to harm. And it's not something that's inherent because your imaginary friend put it there. People afflicted with psychopathy don't have the luxury of the same moral integrity as others. 1% is a pretty large disparity for a supposed infallible omnipotent being,

People need to start asking themselves why they feel or think a certain way instead of defaulting to their imaginary friend. Perhaps then they'd realize that they're no better than pigeons. I highly recommend that you go through QualiaSoup's entire video library as it's enlightening and informative to that end. It's time to grow up, face reality and unify for the benefit of the entire race.

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