Saturday, January 3, 2015

Selective divine intervention

What is it with people who look at certain events and think, oh that must be that magical being I heard so much about that just happens to have been ingrained in our culture and is completely dependent on geographical and timed circumstances. Had this been ancient Greece they'd be coming up with some other deity.

Meanwhile you have cases like Fraulein Fritzl. A woman born in Austria who for 24 years was held captive by her father in a secret corridor in the basement where she suffered repeated abuse and rape. That was her life. Being in captivity for 24 years. Can you imagine? She had 7 children as a result of her being repeatedly raped as well. Picture it for just a brief moment. You mean to tell me that for some reason, x event demanded the attention of some supreme being but in Fraulein's case, tough luck? I repeat, her life was being imprisoned, raped by her father and abused. For 24 years.

How many times do you think Fraulein begged and pleaded for her torture to stop? Only to have it go on, incessantly like a nightmare that not even the darkest corners of the human mind can imagine or fathom. All pleas went unanswered. All. Of. Them.

What's it like to believe in a deity that would just sit idle whilst that is happening? To be able to selectively praise that deity for any beneficial or fortunate turn of events that occur by happenstance yet ignore those that happen like in Fraulein's case? Not to mention the 100 000 - 200 000 years of tribal life human beings had to go through before their supposed deity stepped in and said "hmmm, I should do something about that. Oh I know, I'll flood the whole place and ask someone to kill his kid for me!" It's morally repugnant and indefensible to put any living creature through that kind of hell no matter what the prize at the end of one's life might be.

So what do we have now? An eternity with said deity? Or if inclined, an eternity of suffering and torture. Neither case seems appealing to me considering it's just plain slavery. Not to mention the fact that you get to spend it with a batshit insane deity that's oddly selective and has done some pretty questionable things in its name. No thank you. I'd rather go with the oblivion option than to drink that Kool-Aid. To even conceptualize eternity, think of a bird grazing its wing against planet Earth and every time it goes around the planet it takes a bit of the planet off. Once it's done, that's what one day in eternity will be like. Plus chances are your memory won't be selective like it is now. You get to see, feel and think about every waking moment in pure drunken bliss. There are drugs for that, why not get a head start and put yourselves into a coma?

I hope this diminishes whatever supernatural belief anyone might have or plant a seed to at least question and rationalize what you're selling when you say "god did it". Because, from where I'm sitting, god can seriously fuck off as well as anyone who deems what happened to Fraulein to be justifiable with an all knowing, all powerful being in the mix. I'm sorry to say that the likelihood of divine intervention, considering how selective it is, doesn't really help the case that there is a god. Couple that with the myriad other religions that have made similar claims. But hey, we're on monotheism now! Just one deity away from the actual truth!

Special thanks to Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins for having provided a lot of the ground work for my argument here.

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