Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vacant minds think alike.

If there's one thing that particularly damages my calm these days it's pseudoscience. From homeopathy to acupuncture, there are people out there who have decided to make a living by using misinformation in order to forward a particular agenda. For these snake oil merchants, the answer is simple. Money.

There are however situations that present themselves that aren't as clear-cut when the bullshit artist seems to be buying into their own bullshit with a certain infantile naivete. No it's not the religious. Well it is but that's not what I wanted to talk about this time around. It's what many have labeled as social justice warriors. I don't even like that term as it seems to indicate people who are in their right mind and are fighting for a worthy cause. I assure you, this is not the case.

What prompted me to stare at this awfully bright screen to type out a response was this recent video I came across. It did a rather decent job of dismantling the arguments presented but one very peculiar person showed up that I was sure wouldn't buy into this garbage. That person is Ashly Burch.

More digging on the Internet surfaced a source, if you can call it that, where Ashly, Charlie Kuhn  and Rosalind Wiseman(Oh the delicious irony) teamed up to try to cement the same broken headed shit I've been hearing from various individuals who have absolutely no concept of reality.

That's the thing with these types of expose pieces. If your brain is set to record, you're basically going to absorb this crap without looking into the source material or questioning the validity of the argument presented. Luckily, society has allowed skeptics like me to surface and considering we've moved away from burning people like me at the stake, I can show you the truth and problems with their line of thinking.

I'm a little late to the party though because they've seemed to have decided that a simple survey posted on social media constitutes empirical data that should be presented to various audiences out there. One thing that they did do right was poll at least 1400 people, so someone did their homework on statistical metrics and ensuring a minimal error margin. No problem right? Everything should be on the up and up considering they sourced this to a wide audience outside their social network correct? Well it turns out they did nothing of the sort. They even gave the survey odd ambiguous loaded titles such as "Girls Leadership" and "Curiosity, Courage and Camouflage: Revealing the Gaming Habits of Teen Girls". And this is where you get into guano territory.

Anyone worth their salt on an academic level looking to get a clear and concise snapshot of gamers would never drop a poll using their own circles. You've already been posting pseudo-intellectual garbage around the clock so people who agree with you will likely tolerate that kind of nonsense. Same reason how you wouldn't give a vaccination survey to Jim Carrey's followers on twitter. Your data is likely going to be skewed as a result. All this to say that Ashly and Rosalind need to be a little more diligent when it comes to gathering data. And by "a little more diligent" I mean to say "ask someone smarter than you for help". But this is a relatively small example from a giant festering swamp of crap that is people's uninformed opinions.

So let's just clear the table now that we've exposed this exercise for the pseudo-scientific nonsense that it is and look at the core premise that's presented. Video games influence people. This is the same shit Jack Thompson was trying to promote back in the 90s. Yeah, whatever happened to good old Jack anyways? Oh that's right, he was disbarred. Do you know why? That's because no one has been able to find any concrete evidence that video games, music, movies, spray tans, slow walking pedestrians have ANY fucking correlation with violence or abhorrent social behavior. None. Even looking at the rates of violence, they see no correlation whatsoever. Hell, among Ashly's myriad voice work for said violent video games, she's notably in MKX where you get to commit patricide in a most gruesome yet hilarious fashion. Here's my take: Women get to do and wear whatever the fuck they want. Game designers get to make characters however the fuck they want too. End of moral analysis.

Seriously, enough of this nonsense already. There are actually far more pressing matters than your innate projected insecurities that require attention. Like the fact that women in some parts of the world still can't go to fucking school without being shot. Or drive. Or not wear a hijab without being thrown into a prison cell to be raped and tortured.  But no, let's focus on the fact that some character in a damn video game is wearing something that YOU wouldn't be comfortable in. That's not a fault of the audience. It's a lack of self confidence on your part. Which is the root of the problem.

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