Thursday, October 1, 2015

A case of Milo confusion.

Ah Milo. Seldom in life can you find individuals who can be so disarming and charming as this mother fucker. I recently had the pleasure of seeing him on the Joe Rogan Experience and easily endured the 3 hours him and Joe hashed it out. There are, however, a couple of positions that Milo has that simply clash with his intellect.

For one, Milo thinks that climate change is bunk. His reasoning on the matter is that he was amongst individuals who apparently fudged data to fit the narrative supporting climate change. This didn't sit well with him, he left and took that as a lesson that scientists sometimes lie to make themselves look good. The problem with this is that it doesn't fit in on a global scale. I don't consider Milo to be a liar however his account is sketchy. It also doesn't take into account the tens of thousands of scientific papers out there, which have been peer reviewed & state climate change is happening. To imply that the myriad organizations and scientists who have access to these studies as well as scrutinize them ,are somehow ignoring fudged data, or fudging data themselves, is a humongous leap and leaning towards tin foil hat conspiracy territory. Also, if Milo would have evidence to support this and a suspicion, wouldn't that be the story of his career? Short of that, convincing me that close to the entire scientific community is somehow in on this conspiracy, is a little fucking nuts.

The second point of contention came up with religion. When Joe mentioned it, Milo's tone changed and he became rather serious stating that Joe should be smarter than to be militant about his disbelief. I can see it's something important to Milo but everyone has something important they happen to believe in. Religion shouldn't offer some sort of magical shield where people have to be gentle with their critique. Hell Milo doesn't pull punches, and as much as I like the guy, I'm not going to either. People don't respond to polite conversation. Say you go to a bar and want something to drink, you have to assert yourself, otherwise you're going to sit there looking awkward for an extended duration. Also there's no real polite way to tell someone they're a grown ass man with an imaginary friend. Think of all the times Milo pushed the envelope in a debate and posted questionable things that might have rubbed people the wrong way. Well, that's how I feel about religion. And I'm the one who has to sit here where supposed rational people all support this archaic idea of a god without anything other than "feels" to back up their claim. I'm not having it and I think everyone should be smarter than that when there's myriad materials debunking this garbage. The origins of the Abrahamic religions can be traced to the folklore of Akkadians, Canaanite and Babylonians. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's right. It's why we don't have flat earthers any more or fucking disco.

Regardless of these, albeit troubling gaps in logic and reason, Milo's the type of person who's worth following and listening to. He gets a lot of things right and delivers it all with rapier wit. He's also got a quality that puts him ahead of most humans. He can admit that he's wrong, which is probably what got him to his level of excellence in the first place. And a rare trait indeed.

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