Monday, October 12, 2015

Why you should not vote CPC on October 19th

I've been delaying writing about this so the facts I will present to you stay fresh in your minds when it comes time to cast your vote. I plan on listing the myriad reasons as to why the current government has failed not only the left leaning constituents but true conservatives as well.

There was a time that the P in PC used to stand for progressive. The idea that having a small responsible government that could advance the social political landscape appealed to many Canadian citizens. That changed when Brian Mulroney and his cabinet pushed for some questionable reform leading to the party splitting.

There's nothing free or fair about free trade. You can't just open the floodgates and expect everything to turn out for the best when you're a nation of 33 million people compared to the rest of the world. There's already myriad examples of what this has cost the Canadian people. The economic stage isn't filled with individuals who have public interest in mind. We've already seen what brash deregulation can accomplish with amoral sociopathic juggernauts such as corporations. When the entire electoral process of a neighbouring nation has become nothing but a farce, how do you expect to compete fairly when the legislative system has been bought and paid for by a select few? Moreover, jobs get outsourced to areas where the economic climate is more beneficial to those of corporations. As a result what's left is lower wages, no benefits, no pension and the necessity for the public sector to bear the burden.

The CPCs current plan is incredibly simplistic as well as contradictory with their track record. The party purported a budget surplus of 1.4 billion which turned out to actually be a deficit of a billion dollars instead. The reason is the current fiscal policies of conservatives don't work. They never did. In the present conservative handbook on fiscal policy, chapter 1, page 1, the first word is cut. Cut taxes and cut jobs. In practice however, what happens is never economic growth. It stalls as a result. The reason behind this is simple. The less buying power your base has, the worse off the economy will be.

Currently prime real-estate for careers in Canada is a public sector job. Companies, regardless of their revenues simply don't create jobs and when they do, they don't do it here because of free trade. Why would you when you can effectively get the same level of performance at an incredibly reduced rate because of x country's economic structure? Believing corporations will abide by your expectations of fulfilling Canada's need for quality jobs with salaries and benefits that match up to those of the public sector is simple ignorance. This is why corporate tax cuts don't create jobs.

Here's what does create jobs though. Keeping people in the public sector employed. When you take away 37000 jobs, sure in the short term the savings look good on paper, but there's a critical component that's being ignored. This causes more people heading into a market with less money and ability to purchase the very goods and services that comprise your economy. What else do you expect it to do other than to stall if people simply don't have the capital to stimulate the very economy you're trying to help? Even worse when that economy is being uplifted with money that doesn't even exist? As a result the private sector itself now needs to account for decreased revenue and in turn itself cuts jobs as well. A corporation's workforce is dictated by the demand for its services or product. If all of a sudden, you give it a tax break, it's not going to go looking for other people until there's a significant need for that. By giving people jobs at the public level, you ensure that the buying power of your population increases as does the demand for product and services. As a result the private sector will follow suit. And as demand grows so will the private sector's incentives to attract employees. This is the only true way to get parity between the two environments and maintain a stable economy. Then and only then can you start shifting individuals from the public to the private sector without causing the economy to stall.

Antiquated and intellectually bankrupt fiscal policies aside let's look at some other instances where the current government did things to hinder the very nation they're supposed to help. One of the major ones that comes to my mind was the Canadian Wheat Board. Privatization of marketing farmer product aside, it was practically given away to a Saudi company for 250 million. This is something that was valued at 1 billion 3 years ago. This is a blatant mismanagement of our resources and has been done in the most inept fashion imaginable. In stead of taking a precision approach with a scalpel, the CPC government took a chainsaw to something that had been part of the Canadian economy for decades. One of the obvious choices would have been to limit the sale to the farmer's exclusively to limit its impact on their industry, especially if you're going to give it away for a pittance. That way the revenue remains in house and bolster's the economy as a result for the reasons I mentioned. I for one am not anxious to see the resulting problems that will occur thanks to this deal.

Then there's the wonderful position the CPC government has taken in respect to its scientific community. The true pillars of society and progressives are the ones who are able to do empirical study and present facts to the public so they can make informed decisions on policy. As a result of the absolutely ludicrous constraints that have been placed by the government, the public has intentionally been placed in the dark when it comes to the most important problems humanity is facing. This kind of dishonest approach is not that of a transparent ruling body. When the very facts that the public requires to hold its government accountable are obfuscated, this should be your wake up call. Under no circumstances do people like this have your best interests at heart. It's also an insult to science as a whole. Their entire process is making things available for peer review to move forward. The only reason one would do this is if they had an agenda that didn't conform to reality. They can't be that incompetent or stupid. It's unprecedented and a stain on Canadian history.

Even fellow conservatives have complaints regarding the current administration yet, for some reason, votes are still being cast towards the status quo. Gone is the conservative party of yesterday. Now you have individuals who are quite comfortable in manipulating the electoral process itself in order to gain and maintain power. People who resort to these kind of practices don't love their country, they love their status. Legislation is also being manipulated to hinder and punish certain voters who might fall into a demographic that vote for a certain party. It's completely unethical and goes against the very foundation of the democratic process. Voting should be easy, not hard. The only reason you'd push for something like this would be as a deterrent and to inflate your own number.     

Conservative shouldn't be the dirty word it is today. Its policies, practices and ignorance of reality have taken a set of principles and turned them upside down. You can have a fiscally responsible government that works with its people. The political landscape can be a veritable quagmire and making decisions within it, a challenge. There has to be a point however where integrity matters. As a voter it's your responsibility to remain informed. It's also your responsibility to say no to this kind of behaviour. It's paramount that we hold our leaders to the same standards we hold ourselves. By not voting CPC, you'll be sending a message saying that things need to change within that party. Because voting for a continuation of this behaviour is the equivalent to treason. And un-Canadian.

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