Saturday, May 9, 2015

Anita Sarkeesian is a pseudo scientific bullshit artist.

I recently came across this article, authored by Wil Wheaton. In it he cemented Anita as one of the 100 influential people for Time. My immediate reaction was to exhale in a rather lengthy sigh. Throughout history certain individuals have been put on a proverbial pedestal yet, when it comes down to it, there's no real rhyme or reason for them to be there. Anita is no exception to this phenomenon.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's bullshit artists. Fortunately in the modern era, it's a lot easier to track down what people have said in the past. In Anita's case she professes herself as a seasoned gamer who's invested in the materials she's criticizing. She's not. It's also quite easy to examine a person's body of work thanks to the Internet. There are few that do unfortunately and just take whatever the mainstream media feeds them in order to form an opinion. If you happen to have fallen into this category, I'm here to help as I am equipped with a fine tuned bullshit detector and massive intellect. Thanks to all those who created content debunking these broken headed opinions and helping me make an informed decision.

Anita gained popularity by launching a kickstarter with a feminist label. Within a short amount of time it eclipsed its goal and raked in a whopping 160k. That was back in 2012 and since then there's been a fraction of the promised content delivered to those who invested in her project. The Youtube channel is barely active. Now if I actually bought into this, seeing how it's 3 fucking years later and incomplete, I'd want my money back. There's also the matter that the production value for these videos is beyond incompetent, borrowing content from other Youtube users. Anyone who goes through Youtube to get gaming clips of other people playing the games you're criticizing is beyond reprehensible especially if you're being funded to evaluate this material. Technically it's not illegal but if someone's kind enough to doll out 160k you'd think playing the actual game, instead of leeching off people who are providing this content for diminished returns, would be something you'd strive for. Or at the very minimum, you'd at least ask them if you can use their content because you can't be bothered to come up with a competent evaluation at the tune of 160k. You know, maybe throw some of that production money their way. But no. She just took it, used it and is a colossal shit for doing so. How anyone could look at all this and say, yeah, she's an influential role model, is beyond reason and rationale. Not something I expected from Wil Wheaton, that is, until he showed his true colors.

Bullshit artistry aside, let's look at her core point: Sexual objectification of women in video games reinforces the idea that women are playthings for male amusement and will ultimately influence real life situations. Her evidence for this has already gone through tremendous scrutiny and has been dismissed as pseudoscience. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that women depicted in video games as victims, damsels or whatever else has any influence on people whatsoever. Even her various examples of this have been shown to be presented inaccurately. This same shit was attempted by Jack Thompson regarding the view that violence in video games leads to violence in real life. It was completely destroyed and Jack Thompson was disbarred. Oddly, Jack's opinion on violence in video games is also shared by Anita even after Jack's position was publicly dismantled. Anyone in the gaming scene during this time period would be very aware of this fact. But because Anita is a lying cunt, history repeats itself yet again.

I've been a gamer since the Commodore 64 and here's what I have to say about women: Women get to do and wear whatever the fuck they want. At a certain point in time you put the game away and experience real life. It's by speaking with confident, independent and strong women that got me to the very important conclusion that women deserve all rights afforded to human beings. It's really those who belittle women under their breath that are usually the ones that buy into this kind of crap because they ultimately feel threatened due to having little self-esteem of themselves in the first place. This was especially visible during the Calgary expo where so called feminists got the police involved because the Honey Badger Brigade decided to *gasp* have a discussion regarding the views expressed during the Q&A session. An action both Wil and Anne Wheaton applauded might I add. People like that tend to think that women who feel perfectly comfortable posing with next to nothing are doing so because some man has a proverbial whip demanding their submission and performance. It's nothing more than jealousy manifesting itself because the person having the complaint has certain restrictions in place that they want everyone to conform to. Or else you're banned and we'll call the fucking cops on you. And that's just wrong. As long as people aren't hurting anyone within reason, they should be able to do whatever they want. Get over yourself and make your own ideal game setting if you're not fucking happy. And stop telling women who choose a lifestyle other than something you agree with that they're somehow damaged by some patriarchy that doesn't exist in the West. There are still parts of the world where women can't even go to school, drive a fucking car but I never hear anyone of these third wave feminists even mention those facts. Facts that are way more relevant and in need of attention but because you can't look at a beautiful woman without feeling threatened, you have to pull the sexist card and annoy everyone. Cut it the fuck out already.

I've decided to list various people that have influenced me and myriad others for shit that actually matters. Any one of these people could have taken Anita's spot and should have. I'm sure anyone rational, after reading this, could come up with similar suggestions. Perhaps send them Wil Wheaton's way so he can eventually pull his head out of his ass and return from the realm that people go to when they've lost their collective shit.

Sylvia Earle - Pioneer in marine biology and figurehead of Mission Blue
Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Critic of Islamic doctrine in regards to women's rights
Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff - Him and his team reignited my interest in chemistry.
Malala Yousafzai - Demonstrated that education is an inalienable right for all
Tina Dupuy - Brilliant journalist with a rapier wit.
Lawrence Krauss - Physicist demonstrating how the Universe came from nothing.
Ruby Wax - Spokesperson for mental health awareness and treatments.
Valerie Barber - Former escort now sex educator
Bill Nye - Raising awareness for climate change and science as a whole.
Christianne Boudreau - Mother who lost her son to radicalization working to prevent/help
Quranify me - Showing the rare side of Muslim and Ex-Muslim life via interviews
Richard Dawkins - Evolutionary biologist promoting life's reality
Sam Harris - Neuroscientist demonstrating mindfulness and criticizing bad ideas
Neil deGrasse Tyson - For putting things into a cosmic perspective
Christine Hayes - For teaching how the bible was made and how Abrahamic religions are bullshit
JJ Abrams - Just kidding. He's a hack and the Star Wars movie is going to suck.