Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Casuistry artists and how to deal with their bullshit.

After posting my last article, I decided that I had just about enough of people saying one thing and doing the exact thing they're condemning. When trying to challenge ideas, it's extremely important not to come off as a hypocrite yourself. That way, the people you're looking to convince, don't dismiss you as a hypocrite. There are however select outspoken individuals with a following who fall into the category of casuistry artists. It's even to a point now where I'm afraid the hope of reforming morally objectionable practices will be defeated by the very people looking for progress in this matter.

There's been a very minuscule reaction and outrage towards Isaac calling Ahmed a sand nigger. Prominent individuals who are supposed to stand for rationality simply fell silent or worse, came to his defence. This is peculiar because when Maajid Nawaz was called a porch monkey, the amount of people who came to his defence was outstanding and amongst them were the very people who fell silent or defended Isaac. When outrage is at a disproportion due to affiliation with or bias towards a specific individual, that's a huge problem. People would hide behind the fact that intentions, when it comes to racial slurs, somehow matter. They really fucking don't. I'm sure some individuals in the not so distant past had no ill will towards other human beings they called niggers. The fact that this needs to be pointed out shows just how little anyone's learned in the grand scheme of things. Once and for all saying X person is a sand nigger seriously or in jest isn't clever, funny and it makes you galactically stupid.

So here I am, feeling rather isolated in my opinion, knowing full well that I'm right due to simple logic and reason. You can't defend one person and not defend another because he transplanted electronics into a case, called it a clock and received a lot of attention for it. That's being selective and it's wrong. So what do I decide to do? Turn to people who I deemed as rational individuals only to find that they're just as susceptible to casuistry as the rest.

Enter Eiynah, a prominent and accomplished individual who I happen to agree with on a lot of subjects. There was one, however, which I had an issue with. That was her liberal use of the word mansplaining. I calmly suggested that this word was bigoted, as it implied a whole gender. Her response to this was to label me a privileged white male and block me. We went from a rational conversation to exposing her bigotry, having her double down on her bigotry and block me within the span of minutes. Does this seem like a rational reaction to you? Presuming every white male out there has it easy is extremely stupid without knowing the road they've walked. Unfortunate events and hardships don't have a preference when it comes to who's life they're going to fuck with. To have anyone say otherwise is extremely obtuse. Now, you try to point this out to a colleague you've interacted with and a strange thing might happens. They'll defend the bigot. Not by addressing what you've said though. But by going on the offence in stead.

A good indicator that you're dealing with a casuistry artist is they won't confront their own hypocrisy. No, they'll dig into the history of everything you've ever said to try to find something that makes you a hypocrite on any scale. This happened to me recently when discussing cultural practices vs immutable traits. It's classic deflection and they do it because people seldom enjoy dealing with the fact that they're wrong. Meanwhile your initial critique remains unchallenged and you're stuck trying to defend yourself due to your own ego. And regardless of what you say, it'll never be good enough. Luckily my ego is no longer in the way of recognizing this underhanded tactic. The only way to argue with someone who's moving a goal post is to grab it and plant it on the ground. That way the truth of your initial statement might sink in. Then again it might not.

That's the thing with ideas though, they're like seeds. Due to human nature, they take time to grow. Sometimes it takes a specific event for anyone to realize their own faults. It's unfortunate that people are victims of their own hypocrisy but those are the kinds of people you need to leave behind to stew. Examine yourself, never compromise and move forward. There's an entire field to plant.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chrono Trigger

I've been rather quiet regarding the recent events that occurred in Texas where one Ahmed Mohamed got arrested for having an interest in electronics. My father was an electrician and for anyone to drive a wedge into a promising career in such a field kind of hits home. Now that the dust has settled and I have more information, I'll share my opinion on the matter.

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where electronics in cases are going to give people pause and cause for concern. That's the nature of things when you have other human beings who are willing to murder others on a grand scale. The point of focus in the media however was the fact that this individual happened to have the name Ahmed. Well, unfortunately we live in an age where having the name Ahmed and putting circuitry in a case is going to give people pause as well.

The problem that arises is that it's hard to fault anyone here. There are people who follow Islam that use its venomous scripture to carry out acts of suicidal murder. As it stands, its track record when it comes to Ismamist extremists, isn't pretty. And those particularly unpleasant parts of Islam aren't going away. Nor does it seem like anyone, other than a select few, are pushing for reformation. That being said, the approach of the school and the police was a bit much. By all means, confirm that Ahmed didn't build a bomb but don't arrest or suspend the poor kid. The image of him standing there in cuffs goes to show you what an overreaction looks like. And people of Islamic faith who speak out against such an overreaction have a valid point. One of the reasons people resort to Islamist extremism is xenophobia. Maajid Nawaz' own experiences in the radicalization process shows just how detrimental singling out Ahmed could be.

Luckily, the social media's response hopefully gave Ahmed a feeling of inclusiveness as a fellow human being. One where a budding electrical engineer could offer solutions to tomorrow's problems. And boy do we have a lot of work to do on that front. The President, Google and myriad other institutes reached out and offered support, which is the correct response to an already complicated situation.

People have reported that the clock is some sort of a fraud and that Ahmed might have had an ulterior motive such as getting the reaction he did. To that, I say so fucking what. If someone is bright enough to social engineer a scenario that gets them to meet the President and tour Google, my hat's off to them. It shouldn't be a major point of interest.

All in all I think things worked out for the best. Nobody died and the only casualties were a few bruised egos. This won't be the last challenge of its kind as we try to move forward in solidarity. I only hope that the pillars of society respond in the same fashion and those in authority avoid extremes like arrest and suspension.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Selective humanity.

I'm starting to see an alarming number of individuals who are posting this idea that, somehow, the Syrian refugee crisis isn't their problem nor should it be. I'm going to post this on social media in the hopes to point out the severe problems in that line of thinking. I'm also hoping that this will serve as a go-to-guide for the enlightened to provide to their own social circles regarding how people should treat other human beings who are in need.

The crisis itself isn't something new. Ultimate reason to give a shit: They're human fucking beings. Get over yourself and take a good fucking look. Does that boy fall into your broken headed narrative at all? This isn't something that's up for fucking debate! That kid could easily have been someone you know. You don't leave a child to drown. E-V-E-R. I don't care what fucking religion they are, if they think homosexuals are living in sin, women are second class citizens or WHATEVER. You give them a place to stay, food to eat then you have a debate regarding their beliefs. It's not their fault they were dropped into a shit hole where that's what they were taught. Give them a fucking break considering they already know well enough to get the hell out of there. If you'd have been born there, you'd likely have the EXACT same outlook on life and their belief system. Don't act like you're somehow better than these people because you're not. You're one of the fortunate people who got to become self aware in the western world. You lucked out. They didn't. Stop being a self important asshole.

First of all, you need to inform yourselves on what exactly it's like over there. Then you need to learn about what it's like in the surrounding Arab countries. Life over there is far from simple. There's been a civil war that's been raging on for the past 4 fucking years. That coffee you ran out to get today, if you did that in Syria, it might have cost you your life. This is the reason people are choosing places like Canada, EU and the US. Because their chances of simply fucking dying are less likely. And yeah, they bring with them some of the less pleasant tenants of Islam but so fucking what? You show them what their world can be without that nonsense so either they or the following generation grows out of it because they're living in an environment that's not constantly drilling this bullshit into their heads or trying to kill them. We're all a product of our environment. That's why you lend people the better environment so they have a chance to better themselves. Unfortunately that requires the slightest amount of effort on our part. Luckily they're not going to hop on welfare and be unproductive. That's just bigoted bullshit. Grow up, take that silver spoon out of your gob and read up on the fucking world.

I don't know how else to explain human decency and common sense to the lot of you. It leaves me absolutely gobsmacked how little anyone cares these days. It's like even the least amount of effort that could help someone is too much. They'll post tons of content regarding the suffering of animals, but fellow man? Nope. They've got ideas man. Well so do you. Maybe you're the one who needs to get the hell out of this country because you certainly weren't paying attention in history class. I'll give you a hint. People in North America weren't always European.