Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lord of the Flies

It's difficult for me here in Canada to grasp a political climate that would allow the devolution of the Republican party and the rise of Trump. It's transformed into this perversive cult of blithering idiots ready to measure their own dicks at the drop of a hat. Anything that should be talked about, gets glossed over, while the trivial gets to be centre stage. It's absolutely, mind numbingly fucking absurd. The worst offenders of this madness, are Trump supporters.

I want to make something abundantly clear to you. If your political position is to support Donald Trump, then congratulations, you're an imbecile. Allow me to take you by the hand and show you precisely why that's the case. For one, you're looking to elect someone who's had to file for bankruptcy. Four times. Anyone with an iota of intelligence should be of the opinion that this is not something the leader of a country should have on his resume. I'd understand if it would happen once and you'd endorse him. I'd think you naive. Twice? Perhaps slightly stupid. But 4 times?! Congratulations. You've crossed the line into galactically stupid territory. This would be like getting a known sex offender to babysit your children. It's not defensible from any rational perspective. Unfortunately for Trump supporters, there's more. They've traversed into a multiverse of stupid.

Now thanks to Trump, we've had the luxury of adding the term "birther" into our vernacular. This level of unhinged paranoia is not a quality that should be present in the next leader of the country. Even after the birth certificate was released Trump continued to press the issue until mysteriously, he stopped. Even when asked recently, he refused to answer. Now that's just a year later. He went from "we need to find out whether or not it was real" to "I don't want to talk about that". Anyone with half a brain should see this as a giant red flag, especially if he's expected to handle matters of foreign policy. This is on a level where the sane would wonder if he has an undiagnosed paranoid personality disorder. It doesn't end. Asks for the birth certificate, sees it, says it's not real, wants college records. And you're going to give him the nuclear launch codes and a world platform? Are you out of your fucking gourd?

And if this wasn't enough there's been his complete lack of foresight with his multiple comments inciting violence. And it's uncanny that so many talking heads are focussing on the violence perpetrated by protesters that followed in its aftermath. No mention of Trump's complete lack of common sense in saying what he said. Nor the equally violent acts of his idiotic supporters. For someone who is going to have a world stage, it should be brutally obvious that suggesting you'd like to punch someone in the face isn't smart. Neither is reminiscing of the good old days when crowds beat the shit out of dissenters. Neither is saying you'll pay for someone's legal counsel if they hit someone that might be looking to throw fruit at you. The kind of escalation we're seeing now is a no-brainer. But somehow, this future President is left gobsmacked. He's Melissa Click^12

"But he's refreshing, and honest!" Yeah sure. So's a dog. And at least that has more personality. It's not this paranoid delusional imbecile that's looking to run a country to fuel their own ego. And that's the point. Voting for Trump is simply the dumbest decision anyone can make at this point in time. You'd be better off throwing salt in your fucking eyes. He literally said he's going to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. He acts like he's still on reality TV showing off a spread of products he never even fucking made! I don't care how well spoken you are, there's absolutely no way you can shine that turd. At least have the integrity and smarts it takes to realize voting for Trump is a very very VERY stupid idea. Both for the fate of humanity itself and the umbrella he's providing for hate mongers.

Anyone who votes for Donald Trump is a fucking idiot.


  1. What did your last link ('like this') go to? It's not working anymore.

    Good post. I'm constantly astounded by the number of people supporting a clearly bigoted, delusional fuckwit.

    My biggest frustration is the perception that he will be a good manager of the economy because he's a "successful businessman". (a) that's a non-sequitur; being successful at managing a commercial business is not the same as managing a nation state's economy well. (b) he's *not* a great businessman. As you say, he used bankruptcy laws 4 times to get out of trouble. He's rich because he inherited millions of dollars.

    1. I don't recall what the link lead to but thanks for pointing it out.

      Since I wrote this, the levels of ridiculousness which is him & his following have escalated into a realm I had no idea was possible. But people will still defend him vehemently and/or try to paint him as something more.

      Trump's like the pair of glasses that were left in the art gallery only to show the true nature of the human condition. Most of us overestimate our own importance and are actually full of shit.

  2. "we need to find out weather or not it was real"