Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Outraged Sloths

I'm hard pressed to find anything wrong with Bernie Sanders. That's because I live in Canada. Here, we have a rather robust system that relies heavily on certain socialist aspects and it works. Not so much in the U.S. however. The U.S puts a ridiculous number of its own citizens in privatized jails and does a rather shitty job at providing an environment that would keep them out of such places. That's just one of the myriad problems that's keeping life miserable for some in the U.S. The odd thing is that there seems to be no end of people, who are living there, that are critical of these things. So how in the fuck did they ever get someone like George W. Bush elected or hand over congress to the Republicans? The reason is because they're fucking lazy and useless.

Tonight was the New York primary, the event that would make or break Bernie Sanders as the democratic candidate. Well, he lost. The response on my twitter feed was rather shocking. They'd rant about how Hillary is some sort of hell spawn and they're not going to be voting as a result. I can understand not liking Hillary. She definitely seems like more of the same but consider what got us to this point in the first place. It's precisely because they don't vote and they're not proactive in the democratic process.

Let me explain what I mean by voting. It's the thing that anyone with a social-political opinion that wants to be taken seriously, does. You don't do it by posting shit on Youtube. You don't do it by tweeting about the latest injustice. This requires someone to actually get off their ass, go some place and tick a box. You can even cross out the ballot in protest. By not doing this, you're informing the electorate and its representatives that you don't fucking care because they're relying on voting statistics and not fucking Facebook.

The disheartening reality of what transpired amongst Bernie's most vocal supporters is precisely the reason nothing's ever going to change. They don't vote and they don't write congress. Hell, I'd be surprised if they even know who their representative even is. This wasn't an isolated incident, it was almost across the board. One look at the evidence from the not so distant past is pretty damning. These are individuals that have amassed followings too. Some to the tune of thousands who probably won't vote either after reading their broken headed reasons on why they couldn't be bothered. The result is a huge clusterfuck of apathetic opinionated idiots that are the very reason nothing's changing.

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