Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thesaurus Thumpers

I doubt anyone who has taken part in an actual debate these days has avoided running into someone who inevitably pulls out a dictionary as a means to illustrate the apparent misuse of a word. I've recently encountered this phenomenon demonstrating the intellectual failures revolving around Trump and his followers. Giving people an English lesson is starting to become enough of an issue that I thought I'd drop some knowledge here for the next time these kind of non-arguments come up.

Here's an example from a user by the name of ArmouredSkeptic. His interests primarily lie in preventing an authoritarian approach that will undoubtedly lead us into the inevitable loss of freedoms. Although I understand his motives and agree with him on multiple issues, the approach used in this video is problematic.

The first complication occurs with the word racism. This is a term that's used far too often by those looking to push an authoritarian agenda and not often enough by those leaning towards social libertarian values. Perhaps in that shuffle is where people have become confused regarding its meaning.

Words have multiple definitions. The term race can be synonymous with ethnicity. In fact, this is the definition that most people who have had a formal education, lean towards. It can even be something as nebulous as a "group of people". So when someone's calling another person a racist for systematically targeting Mexicans, they are in fact correct in using the word racist by that extension. Race is rarely used in its biological form because it has been found to be unscientific. Yet for some reason people are still clinging to that definition and using it to stifle argument.

So now that you're armed with the intended and proper definition, let's take a look at Trump and see if it applies. For Mexicans alone he's looking to deport illegal immigrants to the tune of about 11 million which are primarily from that group. He's looking to build a giant fiscally irresponsible wall to ensure no more illegals get in, which it won't and is galactically stupid. He refereed to those immigrating as rapists/murderers. He singled out a US born judge stating that he can't be trusted for the simple fact that he was a Mexican in response to his ruling regarding the shady practices of Trump U. And that's just for Mexicans.

At a certain point there's a threshold where one has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to identifying a full blown racist. In the case of Trump, the burden of proof supporting that claim should be met. Overwhelmingly. Anyone arguing against this is simply disingenuous and is helping this galactically stupid blatherskite's cause. More often than not it's because they've allied themselves with social libertarians who, for some idiotic reason, support Trump.

Judging people solely on a geographical lottery is as authoritarian and regressive as it comes. Perhaps by putting away antiquated definitions people will be better equipped to understand this and come to rational conclusions beyond a Trump level of intellect.

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