Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Since I wrote this there have been some changes revolving around Chris' initial opinions. As a result what's been said here is no longer a reflection of Chris' views and should serve as a simple window into my initial impressions and reaction

When someone's able to course correct so quickly, admit that they were wrong about something, that shows a very rare character trait that I can't help but respect and admire. This is also a quality that entitled cunts don't possess, so on that front, I was flat out wrong. All I can do is say that I'm sorry.

There are however some people who are still holding onto these idiotic notions. On reflection, I'm not going to shy away from calling people out, even though my opinion about Chris changed, as it likely leads to these kinds of changes. People who overreact and use censorship as their shield to protect their livelihood don't deserve my respect or admiration. They deserve to be knocked down a peg, which what I wrote does beautifully.


A lot of people are suddenly crying censorship over recent modifications to the YouTube platform. These modifications make it so certain subject matter is automatically flagged and demonetized.  As a result, people are livid however their reasons for their outrage are somewhat suspect.

The video that I linked here by Chris shows some rather heavy adjectives for what's actually going on. Things like "terrifying" or "Orwellian" shouldn't go hand in hand with things like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. People overestimate the importance of these sites and by proxy overestimate their own importance. Private companies, regardless of the amount of people they service, dictate how those services are distributed and who gets to be a part of them. There's nothing terrifying or Orwellian about that. If someone comes to your house, starts acting like a cunt, you're in your right to tell them to leave. Same as if someone comes to your house and they're making you uncomfortable by no fault of their own. If you don't like it, you have the option of making your own website, in essence getting your own house and having your own rules.

The focus of this video is more related to YouTube however and here's where the whole "terrifying" and "Orwellian" crazy train loses steam and crashes into a big steaming pile of shit, which is their argument. For one, censorship is pretty much out the window considering demonetization doesn't mean people can't see your video. All it does mean is that if people do chose to click on the video, an ad won't play and you don't get paid for it. That's it. But somehow this is being tied to some sort of a broken headed conspiracy theory that the "regressive left" or "SJWs - Social Justice Warriors"  are out to get them and prevent them from talking.

In reality if you're YouTube, looking to get kickback from providing free services and relying on advertisers to do so, a moderated environment with options would obviously be the preferred choice. Nobody wants to sell their product over videos that might put said product in a bad light. Think of Pampers advertising over an opinion piece about the bombing of a nursery for instance. To avoid this, YouTube is taking steps to make their platform more appealing to the people actually giving them money and ensuring they themselves can earn a living. Unfortunately YouTube's living isn't provided by the guy with an opinion, time on their hands, a camera and a lazy career choice. There are plenty of people like this to go around.

And this is precisely where the disconnect happens. These people who are doing nothing more than recording their opinions for others to listen to, jazzing it up, uploading it to YouTube, not paying for bandwidth or space allocation feel like they should be paid for that "work". Otherwise they'd simply upload the video to YouTube and call it a job well done without painting demonetization in this light. You know, what they did before they became popularized. These aren't professionals by any stretch of the imagination either and their "work" essentially revolves around reading shit on the Internet and talking about it. These are the same people that will call someone like Anita Sarkeesian entitled because she's raising funds for her project that some people, including myself, find to be a waste of time and money. The second people feel the same way about their body of work however, they'll blame closeted ninja regressive leftists and SJWs. Might as well be blaming the patriarchy for fucks sakes.

Well, advertisers have their opinions as well, and in this thing called "real fucking life", they might not coincide with yours. It's incredibly hypocritical to critique certain aspects of society, yet, when it comes to yours, you should be immune. That's not a thing. Advertisers pay YouTube and YouTube pays you. If you happen to say something that's even remotely on the cusp of turning away revenue, you should put on your grown ass adult pants on and deal with those consequences. Consequences like YouTube allowing you to remain on their virtual property, speak your opinion however not receive money from YouTube for doing so. So fucking harsh and Orwellian man!

"But this is unfair. Look at this video here about a rape joke. That should be fair game". Alright, tell you what. You come up with a method that doesn't require a small country to screen all YouTube videos to make sure the automated flagging system is being fair to a massive group of people who are paying 0 dollars to use the service and you probably get to work at YouTube. When one realizes that an hour of video is going up on the site per second, you'd realize that your demands of the free service are childish, asinine and obtuse. If you don't like it, make your own web site, pay for your storage, pay for your bandwidth & hunt down advertisers that aren't already on board with the superior platform which is YouTube.

In closing, I've never seen a generation of more entitled hypocritical cunts. You'll actually bother to call what you're doing "work" when the cost to you is something that every human being on the fucking planet has. Time and an opinion. Most chose to actually do something where they won't be at the mercy of a single solitary company and build up a resume that will actually get them hired. Take people working at places like the New York Times for instance who spend their days fact checking, travelling and writing a penned product that would put anything you've ever done to shame. Actual entrepreneurs who have moved heaven and Earth to ensure the success of their business should take insult for anyone saying they "post videos on YouTube" and "It's hard work". You've had it extremely easy up until this point. Nobody is preventing you from linking monetized videos in your non monetized ones, nor are they preventing you from advertising your paymetons account. You keep reeling on how safe spaces aren't going to prepare people for real life, well, here it is, kicking you in your ass and telling you to put a little effort in what you're doing. You know, instead of demanding Facebook, YouTube and Twitter be your safe space.

Original source of the Paymetons video and inspiration for the title comes from here


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