Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Donald Won

There are going to be a lot of theories that come out of various people as to how exactly someone a reality tv star with myriad failings, somehow managed to become president of the most powerful country on Earth. A common trend will be how they default to their own messages, what's important to them, yet fail to branch out from that particular narrative to get to one very simple reality. People are stupid.

Allow me to lay the groundwork here with a prediction by Michael Moore. Out of all the journalists, analysts & talking heads I've listened to, he's the only one to hit the nail on the head as to what happened. The 4 states he mentioned were Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, all of which ended up voting for Donald. His message to them? Basically bringing jobs back to people.

"But he's a narcissistic pussy grabbing imbecile who wants to wall up the country, has a weak grasp on reality and is unfit to be President!" True. However let me remind you, once again, that people are stupid. Now there's different degrees of stupid. One can be stupid regarding how to properly cook an egg, others how to construct a processor in a clean lab. Stupid has a cure and that revolves around investing time into something so you eventually get clarity. Now how much time do you think someone has if they're in the position where the most important thing to them is getting the jobs they had back to them? These are individuals who have likely been living paycheck to paycheck investing their time in simply surviving.

In order for people to be able to make informed decisions, they first need an environment that encourages them to do so. If someone comes along, promises greener pastures and doesn't have semblance of the previous administrations, they might take that shot simply because they have absolutely nothing to lose. Nor do they have anything else to learn from the various people who have simply been ignoring their situation. They're not going to dig deeply into Trump University, his sexual assault cases, his pension for TicTacs & pussy grabbing nor the myriad other things that make Trump unfit to be President. They're certainly not going to try to grasp a concept like climate change when there's a crack in the foundation of their property demanding immediate repairs that they can't afford either.

Couple that with the apathetic electorate that did not participate. Voter turnout showed that only about 50% of people participated in the election. These are people who didn't see Donald or his base as a threat, likely because they had a clearer idea of what kind of a person he is which lead to underestimation. Not to mention that everyone was saying Hillary will win and it's not even close. Might as well stay home and catch up on the latest tv show right? Unfortunately that's another kind of stupid, one which we've seen before in 2000.

So yeah, these people are stupid but they will remain that way if their environment is in shambles or if they're lazy. That's what Michael Moore witnessed at the primary and what took Donald to the White House. A simple promise to put them on the path of doing a little more than surviving. I fear however, what they get, will be far more than they bargained for.