Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cultural Marxism

There's been a term that's been thrown my way a few times now, which is cultural Marxism. The thing is, it never really flowed with the conversation I was having at the time. So, I decided to look deeper into the term and its origins. Boy what I found was a shocker!

Cultural Marxism on its own doesn't really have any proper definition until you actually look into the individual that popularised it. William S. Lind is this person, who, back in the 1980s, created one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories I've ever heard of. Unpacking this in its entirety, just two seemingly simple words, requires a history lesson. So here we go.

See, Bill(William S Lind), holding a masters degree in history, decided that the best course of action to push his narrative, was to re-write it. Taking a rather innocent philosophical position such as critical theory, he, accompanied by Paul Weyrich, concocted this story that a group of individuals fleeing Germany, re-established their teaching practices in New York with the intention of destroying traditional western culture. The concept of a culture war, was born and was a entirely a product of alternative right wing history.

Terms like multiculturalism and political correctness became synonymous with Cultural marxism. in the circles of paleoconservatives. The fact that the architects trying to undermine Christian religious values, were Jewish, really appealed to them. And that's the thing. This culture war was no more than old men seeing their antiquated belief system becoming obsolete. So they created a boogieman that skulks in the shadows, looking to influence culture with a monstrous weapon. Philosophy.

Now who would these Jewish invaders use to undermine Christian tradition & values according to Bill? A coalition of blacks, students, feminist women and homosexuals of course. For someone who fantasises about what would have happened if the South won the civil war, I could see how those individuals could be terrifying. Especially if those society was looking to treat as equals were actually pawns in a Jewish plot to overthrow "western values".

Of course, an intellectually bankrupt conspiracy theory, such as this one, would be right up Pat Buchanan's alley. Someone with a history of bigoted behaviour would no doubt find solace in the idea that his traditional values were not being left behind because they were antiquated, but because of some nefarious scheme. This is a man who basically wrote love letters to Hitler in the form of his book "Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War" and his blog piece "Did Hitler Want War?". He even went as far as to say Anders Breivik, a mass murdering psychopath that bought into this nonsense, "may be right".

Andrew Breitbart is yet another one of these individuals who latched onto this crazy cultural Marxism conspiracy theory and his legacy, Breitbart.com, has been pushing the idea of a culture war ever since. He called this his one great epiphany as to what happened to the country.

Everything I've seen today from these individuals and others stems from the original musings of a madman. Just question someone on their position in regards to their use of the term "cultural Marxism" and they'll respond with "Just look at the Frankfurt School" as if this is some truth that should be glaringly apparent to anyone. They'll use terms like "culture war", "counter culture", "multiculturalism", "warrior" and "taking the red pill", which ironically seems to be what they're using as a gateway drug to this tripe.

People are essentially fighting a war vs an enemy that doesn't exist. Instead of dealing with each individual aspect of progressive ideas, they've packaged it all into the form of a pill they will eagerly swallow to be able to incarnate a figment of their imagination as the sole cause threatening their traditional values.

These people aren't "woke", they're in a cult. And they'll do practically anything in order to defeat what they consider a loss to their non-existent culture war. Personally, I think it's time they consider alternate medication. History lesson's over. It's time to put away the Kool-Aid

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